Help please!

I downloaded blender 2.33a, installed it on my laptop (It’s Window ME with AGI Rage Monitor II, so the problem’s probably not unexpected). When I open the program, it works fine except for one thing: Those toolbars doesn’t have any texts on them! I’ve got a really, really crappy screenshot because I’m using a seperate computer and I have to transfer the file via a floopy disk, which forces me to tone down the pic significantly. (I run it on 1024X768, 32bit color, but this pic’s toned down to 256 colors) Any help are appreciated!

did you try running in 16 bit color?

that looks horrible [possibly how you made it 256 colors]

also, it is a good idea to turn off international fonts [pull down the info header on the top by dragging the bar down, go to the third tab, and international fonts toggle is the button on the top left], but it appears they aren’t on there

:stuck_out_tongue: Instead of turning down the color, I turned it up. (I found out that I was actually running 16bit the whole time. Dunno why I didn’t notice it.)

It works wonder. :wink: