Help? Please?


could I ask how any of you come about making the wrinkles on fingers where the joints are? I’m having a LOT of trouble with this!

Here is what they look like now

The yellow circles are where I want to add wrinkles, but I dunno how :frowning:

I would also appreciate it if you could point me to some tutorials.

Thanks in advance!


It’s usually done with a BumpMap, NormalMap or (rarely) a DisplacementMap, each of which is a greyscale pic mapped to whichever one you decide to use.


The only thing I can think of is fiddling with the mesh at the spots…go to object mode and hit alt+c and convert it o mesh…you will keep the ubsurf but have more to work with. It also looks really good:)
I hoped that helped

See this thread: has pictures, a blend file, and a link to the tutorial followed (not blender specific)