help please

I have just recieved my copy of blender 3d in the mail today. Well when i installed it an error keeps popping up saying i need to download venom 2.5 so i downloaded it. Now i keep getting a error stating MSVCR71.dll was not found and i have no idea what taht is. Any thoughts or suggestions?

What’s venom 2.5?

And where’d you get ‘blender 3d in the mail’?

i ordered it off of ebay a couple weeks back came in from UK i live in US so it took a while but im still having trouble.

Oh wow i meant python 2.5 not venom im sorry for that mix up!

How much did you pay for it?

8.99$ Why may i ask?

Blender is free to download, you don’t need to buy it off ebay. Its sounds as if you have been scammed by someone. Python is required for blender but if you use the installer it will automatically check if you have the requirements and if not it will ask to open up your browser and take you to the python downloads page. The latest Blender 2.49 requires python 2.6 to run.

It is not illegal to sell Blender if it honours the license and trademarks, and it could be useful for people with poor or no internet. But yeah, it’s not often we hear about people buying Blender.

San, I understand that but I’ve seen some of the vendor pages ‘selling’ Blender, the vast majority are scam artists who neglect to mention the open source nature of Blender.

Ok, fair enough that is true. Ebay would not be my choice either, if I had to “buy” Blender…

Did a little poking around and it seems that MSVCR71.dll is an old and deprecated .net library. Here’s a thread about it.

What version of blender did they send you?

I suggest you go to the following link:

and download the latest blender for your specific os(in this case based on the error, its windows).

the error it self means you need to download MS Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package:

for 32 bit systems:

for 64 bit systems:

blender need this ‘framework’ to run on windows, as do many other programs,
so I would imagine you might need to install this at some point any way’s. :slight_smile:

and you can find some good introductory video tutorials for blender at blender underground: