Help please

I’am tring to make chainmail armor for a project that i’am working on and while the texture that is on there is good enough for game it is not good enough for realistic value. What I need to know is how to make it look a little bit better and an explanation on how to do it. Thank you


for photorealism, model as much as you can :slight_smile:
maybe try distributing individual rings with dupliverts?

edit: kind of like this:

chain mail.blend

Thanks for the help but i don’t know what you mean by distributing them by depliverts please explain how

don’t worry about dupliverts if you are using the game engine. the best thing would be to use UV painting with multiple channels and texture projection. If you aren’t happy with your base texture, you can make a new one by sculpting a patch of chainmail in blender ( perhaps using dupliverts ) and then render it with camera set to ‘ortho’ ( preferably )
(edit) sorry if that sounds complicated. basically, you load your UVs multiple times, creating a new UV channel each time, and using the ‘project from view’ option. so, you have one set of UVs that is a side projection, one a front projection, and maybe another with just a regular unwrap. then, when you are painting, you specify what UV channel ( layer ) to clone from.
(edit) here, read this:

thank you modron. as a matter of fact the material is more for a cg short or something to that value but to know what you just said is good. I like the way the texture came out for game setting though