Help please

I’m new to blender and 3d modeling but i have managed to make some models. I could render images up until just recently when i must have clicked or pushed something and now the render bypasses my object in the final image.

I’m sure its something simple but in case i have dekcuf it, is there a way to save objects as files and import them into new sessions?

im running blender blender 2.5


>now the render bypasses my object in the final image.

What do you mean? Your object is not in the render? Did you move the camera?

My object is not in the render, i have the object in the center of the camera view but its not showing up

In the outliner, there is a little eye icon next to each object. If it’s greyed out on your missing object, it won’t render. I know, you didn’t uncheck it. But it happened to me the other day, and I didn’t uncheck my object either…( I guess I must have somewhere).

Hey thanks i just tried that but even with all of them selected the object still doesn’t show up.

is it possible to copy an object in to another session?

i just made a new render layer and now the object turns up, i dont know why but it works. Thanks

Append, yes. New file - Shift+F1, select your file, pick object, and assuming you’ve given your object a meaningful name (as opposed to cube.001 etc), you should see it. You should also center the object at 0,0,0 so that when you append it, it’s not somewhere way off the screen, and you end up trying to append it 100 times and scream (done that).