Help Please!

Hey! I have been using Blender for a while now and have gotten used to a lot of the features and functions. However, I found this “Mineways” Applications. Basically it allows you to take a section of a Minecraft map and then import it into Blender so that you can render or animate. I have had a bit of trouble as the YouTuber who i watched showed me a way to move around the Nodes to make Tree Leaves, Dandelions, Roses etc, have more texture to them… I couldn’t figure it out the Blender 2.86a as it looked different… Anyway, i tried just going along with the texture pack for each item in there and it was all fine till I clicked the Render Image button and it just comes up with the Texture pack… I’ll post the image of what I mean. Sorry for rambling on by the way >.< Please Help?