HELP pleeeease

well, i was chaning the user preferences when i accidently clicked the “save this .blend file as default” button, and since then, one of my files has been the default. I cant find out how to put the original default blend file back. Please help :smiley:

File / Load Factory Settings then Ctrl+U to save as default.
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:o So simple… but thank you very much, i now learnt something new about blender. By the way… do you have any idea of how to make luxrender work? i tried everything but it doesn’t work. If not… do you recommend any other renderers?

Are you trying to install LuxRender into default Blender or did you download a build with it bundled from Graphicall? The builds from Graphicall should work, granted you need to enable LuxRender in your add-ons.

Also, not sure if you are new to Blender or not, but LuxRender can have quite a learning curve for some, you might also consider trying Yafaray if that’s the case.

well yeah, im pretty new to it (more or less) in getting used to blender 2.57b and all. I couldnt find the bundles (i looked for links and stuff but every one i found was broken or it wasnt the right one) but yeah, i tried everything.

Does yafaray work with blender 2.57b?? i thought it didnt anymore

im really just looking for one that will give me some more realistic renderings, and the ones from yafray (before it became yafaray) looked awesome, but then i learnt it didnt work with blender 2.57b

There are some recent builds with Yafaray included, just check for your OS / Platform. Similarly you can search for LuxRender builds on there.

Well, from your experience… (just need some good advice) which do you think is best?

Don’t think there really is a “best” renderer, as each have their advantages and disadvantages. I’d suggest reading up a bit on both, see what it is you want to accomplish and then see which tool fits best. Besides at the small sizes of the bundles, it wouldn’t hurt to tinker around?

Perhaps others can help you more in a specific direction, only been using some of these tools for a few weeks myself (ex-Max artist).

ok… one more thing…got any idea on how to make a “hollow” mesh in blender?

like…i made a sphere, but the inside of all the meshes are never hollow…so…im kinda stuck, i need it for my fracturing animation :confused:

If I understanding correctly, you can look at the “Solidify” modifier. Allows you to add thickness to a mesh:

thank you very much :smiley:

:O!!! worked…then it didnt…oh well… any other ideas?, when i fracture and press play my sphere is thick again, its not hollow -.-

Tried clicking “apply” on the solidify modifier before doing… whatever it is you are doing?

I’ve tried…but it keeps getting messing up, I’m making a “lamp” (my sphere) with the inside using indirect lighting and the outside having normal colors, so when it breaks you see the inside (with the lights) :smiley:

I think I’ve found a way to make it work…but im not sure…still working on it :confused:

the result is pretty cool…loads of room for improvement…but pretty cool :smiley:

Oh and, I’ve started to make my own vehicle…have you got any tutorials,pages (anything) that would be helpful?

You can try Blendercookie’s tutorials ( I think there was a Porsche tutorial on there somewhere, though I’m not sure which version of Blender it was for. Just use the site search :wink:

thank you very much :D, although my model isn’t a car (its a drawing i made like…4 years ago) the vehicle modelling itself will reeeaaally help :).

when and if i ever finish it ill show you what it looks like :smiley: