[HELP PLOX] Spiral Knights similar graphics

There’s this game, which i find absolutely fascinating, but not that much because of the game-play, but the graphics. I’ve tried lots of things till now to get that colors and such, but pretty much didn’t succeed in my opinion. :no:



Any idea how I could reach that with the combination bellow? … you know, shading and stuff :yes:

Using the combination: Blender, Inkscape and Gimp.

Btw, is the precise editing done in Blender with sculpting or are that all textures on low poly models?

Any response will be appreciated

A guess (having played the game only shortly): Full bright everything, paint shadows etc. by hand :stuck_out_tongue:

Julius seems to be right. There’s not a lot of lighting going on (there’s still dynamic lighting present; the house in the top picture is lighter on top than on the sides). Most of the shadows seem painted on, though. EDIT: It’s pretty much hand-painted, I think.

Thanks a lot to both :slight_smile: Btw, some parts like some of the shading on the rocks could be done with vertex paint right? Because it is easier to imagine how it will look like, than with UV texturing in Gimp or such.

Yeah, it could be, but it wouldn’t be as sharp as on the texture. It shouldn’t really be a problem, though, as you can perspective paint directly on the mesh (and so, the texture) in Blender. GIMP still has its place in the texturing process, though, as it’s more precise than Blender’s paint editor.

True :slight_smile: Thanks once again