Help pls - obect not mirroring correctly.

Ok, working on an airplane. Decided to work on the wings first. Files that I have from early on in the work have the wings mirroring correctly. However after doing A LOT of work on them, they are not mirroring correctly. It almost looks like its mirroring correctly along the Y Axis, but then shifting negatively along the z-axis.

Anyone have a clue what I did between setting up the wing, and doing a ton of work???

Clear your objects rotation with Ctrl+A / Rotation while in object mode

If you press N to show the properties window, under Transform you can see your objects rotation. Look at the value before and after this operation. Rotating/Scaling in object mode affects the rotation/scale value, doing so in edit mode does not.

I believe I had seen that suggested in another thread through a search of these forums that I did. Everything seemed to be on the up and up.

I did end up “solving” this on my own… I think.

I didn’t mention that I am modeling the wings and fuselage as different objects. Under where is says Mirror Object, I selected the cube and selected the fuselage object in the drop down menu. Once I did that, it mirrored correctly.