Help plz! Body can't walk on the floor!

Hi here is my .blend file so you can check my problem. I want the body walk in the floor but it traspasses the floor like it doesnt exist. There is something im doing wrong with the floor or the body?


PROBANDO.blend (714 KB)

First, go to the world buttons, add a new world. Then select the floor > press F4 > on the left, you will see some buttons (static .ect) under the advanced tab, increase the margin.

Hope it helps.

Edit: I tried it again an it didn’t work Weird :confused:. So I added the world again, and replaced the floor with another one. Heres the blend.


PROBANDO.blend (697 KB)

I’m not sure exactly what was wrong with that current floor (it wasn’t a ghost, collision was set… hmm) but I deleted it and readded it and it looked to be working.

One thing that I might note is that it’s not good (in my opinion) to have the armature be the dynamic object. There are a lot of problems with it, especially if the center of the object is off (like in your file). I’d recommend creating an ACTUAL cylinder around your character, make sure the center of the object is in the center of your character, and parent the armature to that. Then you can make the cylinder object “dynamic” and invisible, and the bounds will work more correctly.