help plz..

is there a sound button in 2.36? how can i install a pygame?

To get a better response to your questions in this forum it is probably a good idea to use a more specific topic name than ‘help plz’. Most people look at topics that are about things they might know about and if they cant tell what a topic is about by its title they might not even look at it.

I dont understand what you mean by a sound button.

As for pygame, go to and follow the installation instructions there.

you’re so polite…

the sound buttons are under the scene buttons [like the render buttons]

… its the same idea as how the lamp/material/texture/world buttons are under the shading buttons

… install a pygame?
[to clarify the above response, pygame just happens to be the name of a python library which you can use to write 2d [or 3d with another optional library] games entirely in python… it isn’t related to blender]



i don’t what pygame is…but thanks for a brief clarification

i don’t know what is pygame …but thanks for a brief clarification