Help plz

When i setup an add object setup with my gun, and I make the gun add a bullet from another layer, the bullets from the other layer don’t affect things in my main layer. But when I bring the bullet over directly into my main layer. They affect things, which is what i want. My question is, how come my bullets don’t affect things in my main layer? By the way, I never had this problem in 2.42 and i am working on 2.43 right now.

to all the people asking for help… don’t just say help pls in the thread… there’s been a lot of this lately…say what you need help with… it will help youget help a lot faster!

Say I need help making my gun shoot! anyway what are you using for bullets? are you using a dynamic object… maybe it’s moving to fast>?

ya post a .blend…it will help us help you greatley

Heres the file, any help is appreciated.

alright I’m checking your file now…but don’t get your hopes up (I’m still running2.42a lol…might not work properly)
edit:Nice! space invaders…ya the proplem is the bullet is not a dynamic object…would you like me to post the fix I made?

Chirpsalot thanks for trying, but i guess since your running 2.42 and im running 2.43, it’s not working properly. The bullets collide, but they fall back down, lol. Well, no more need for any help ill just stop working on it. Thanks again.