Help plz..!

Okay so I have a brand new Laptop (4GB RAM… etc…) anyways Blender is running SUPER slow… it wasn’t for teh first few days so what is going on now!?

I have an ATI Radeon 3200 HD

So what could be going on…?

Anyone have any ideas…?

All right, first of all, make sure you have enough RAM to run Blender quickly. If you need to clean out your computer, do that. Delete all unnecessary files.

Make sure it is defragged and the registries are cleaned.

It might help if you let us know what OS you use. Ubuntu, Mac, Windows? If you use a Windows, many people would consider that a problem right there :wink:

Yeah as I stated it’s a brand new Laptop (HP Pavillion) ((hmmm oops didnt state that in this post SORY!!))

Anyways HP Pavillion - 4GB RAM - AMD Turion 64 X2 Processor - ATI HD 3200 (yes it is an integrated Video Card…)

But up until today it was running MUY BUENO then today BLAAAAAAH SLOOOOOW

Given that you haven’t specified you OS, can we guess that you are a windows user? (windows users generally assume everyone else is too) Given that it’s new PC can we assume that it’s vista?

Also, you will get more help if the thread has a better subject line.
Edit your original post and click “go advanced” to change this.

Sorry most new Laptops now days run on Vista to begin with '-_- but yes Vista… BUT you cannot assume I am an avid Windows user… I have a desktop running Ubuntu and a macbook :confused: but ehh anyways I got my problem solved. Followed directions from::

it worked wonders