help plz

Hey everybody knows the game halo right? Well everybody then knows Master Chief? I want to create master chief on blender maybe for the first time for me but i’m guessing people already created master chief on blender just for fun…so ya…i will need alot of help on this process if anybody could give me some pointers and some shapes i could use to create master chief for blender 2.49…that will be helpful if you can give me the most knowledge you have on you, just try your best to help me and if you can’t thats ok i’ll try to do something else then;)

Oh god i feel like such a nerd saying that i like halo and stuff oh well everybody likes something

ill help,
first find a blueprint, make every piece.
if its for the game engine it can be done easily.
ahh, hear you go a perfect blueprint:

thnxs alot…your my hero for the month, and thnxs for the link this will really help me

if anybody else would like to help just say so