Help plz!

I have created some scenes that render ok, but ive put them in a different folder and then textures dont appear automatically but i must reload them every time i want to render the scene. Is there any way to fix this? Thanx in advance.

You should really post this in the support forums. :slight_smile:

There are several ways to fix this, the first being to pack your textures. Depending on what version you are using (always include your version when asking for help) there is a place to click a little icon near the images name, or in a menu in the uv-image editor. Click it and your image is packed.

Alternatively, you can ensure that all your paths are relative, setup a proper folder structure for your project, then always move the entire folder tree, this way you linked images will stay consistent. I prefer method 2. Good luck, and Happy Holidays.

In first place, please make your demand as clear as possible in the title of your thread.
For what your problem is concerned (if i understand it right), once you displaced a file and made sure it’ll remain there, you’ll need to re-enter the path to its materials and textures only once.
Of course, if you constantly displace those elements, you’ll have to remake the paths again and again…
Having a good organized ordering from scratch is fundamental, actually.

Thanx for reply, and sorry for wrong forum and odd title!