HELP ! Problem with normals...

(bonevbs) #1

well my problem is this:

obviously (at least for me) some of the normals face into the other direction than others…

i tried ctrl+n/ctrl+shift+n but that didnt solve my problem…

i hope theres a good solution because i have a lot of verts in there and turning normals face by face would be a pain…


(pamtango) #2

Problems with normal usually only surface when you render, I believe. You might try turning off ‘Auto Smooth’ - you have it set pretty high. It’s a feature I don’t often use, so you may want to seek other advice.


(bonevbs) #3

if i turn it off i get an edgy car, if i use subsurf the windows wont fit in anymore so thats not a solution and with just smooth it still looks odd…
isnt there no solution to let the right normals point outwards and the correct ones inwards ??? x.x


(pamtango) #4

Do you actually see normals pointing the wrong way? In other words have you viewed your car in edit mode with the Draw Normals and/or Draw VNormals clicked on? It could also be that you have faces colliding, or duplicates of vertexes. If you want more help maybe upload your blend file so folks can take a look at it.


(paulsgruff) #5

A way I would go about seeing what’s wrong with it would be to turn off double sided and then recalculating the normals outside (as there will only be one surface then rather than two) it should give you a clearer idea of what is going on.

Maybe try deleting a couple of verticies near where the normal problems are appearing until the black splotches disappear and then extruding them back from an nearby verticy that doesn’t have a normal problem and reconnect the faces. It would be alot less fiddly than adjusting each and every normal individually.


(dudecon) #6

It’s hard to tell without seeing the blend file, but when I run into problems like that it’s usually caused by having three faces connected to the same edge. If the car body has thickness, check for and delete any faces connecting the two sides which are not at the edges.
Also, overlaping faces can do it too.


(bonevbs) #7

ok i had a look at it again and i realized there were really some 3rd faces inside double-sided parts…

anyway i removed all of them that i found and now the normals still face the wrong side sometimes…

so my question is: could it be that my modelling technique is wrong ?

i do the one side then copy it and mirror it and connect it via extrude and remove doubles…

ill try finding some more third faces that i dont need and update you tomorrow or thursday…

thanks for the help s ofar i helped !! :smiley:


(IamInnocent) #8

If there is no other problem, just reorder the normals in EditMode, all vertices selected, use Ctrl+N. If this doesn’t work that’s because you have some stray face or edge, some double face… some ugly stuff anyway.


(zdk1) #9

to add on. a helpful feature for finding messed up topology like to many faces per edge etc is space->select->non-manifold. This will select vertices/faces that blender thinks does not make sense. You might want to try it to see if you missed something.


(Orinoco) #10

You could use the mirror modifier to do the same thing, without the potential problems (less work, too.)
Usually, though, doubled up faces is the result of selecting too many verts before extruding.