Help re Windows Plug in Files

I have downloaded the Windows Sequence and Texture (dll) Plug in files.
Question 1. Where do I place them?
Question2. How,when,where do I enable access/usage of them?
(I really can not follow any of the tutes which may seem applicable)

in texture choose “plugin” then navigate to the Dll (put them anywhere) once you have choosen it in the blender filebrowser. then you can change its settings.

same with sequencer.

basicly you are loading the file manually every time you start blender (unless you set up a few default materials/textures with the plugins selected, then save the Default setup)

limited, but it works. the plugins which load semi-automatically are the python ones.


Thank you. Though I can;t remember seeing “plugin” in any of the dropdowns–oh well, another search efort!