Help: Realtime Sky

Hey guys - wow i’ve been gone far too long from the scene. Anyways i need some help with creating a realtime sky. First off…how? lol - now before i get flamed, i will say, i have had a big search but closest i got was a box/dome with a static texture. I was looking for more something like the sky in this: - if thats all possible;

any help would be appreciated.

Well, your example is still a “box/dome with a static texture”, I guess?!

Yeah, the sky in that video is definitely a skydome, just as pretty much every other game ever uses (crysis and some more advanced games also use dynamically generated stars and clouds with their skydomes, but that would take a lot of effort and only really be worth it if you planned on flying through the clouds)

Also, this thread should be in the help/discussion forum, as it’s not a resource.

also if you are looking for some great sky domes and sky boxes check out this site
then click on game textures

At your service Captain!

Weird, didnt think i posted this in the resource section; my bad.

Also in the video link, are the clouds not animated? im pretty sure i linked a video with animated clouds?
Thanks for the help though guys, much appreciated.

Ah, I thought that was just compression errors. If they’re animated (it’s hard to tell in the video, even while I’m looking specifically for it) they’re certainly not moving across the sky, so it’s probably a distortion effect to give a general sense of motion (you could use a script to warp UV’s, or actually manipulate the image, probably with GLSL)

To get clouds to properly move across the sky is difficult, with polygon limits and draw distances. I’m not sure how it would be accomplished, but maybe someone else has a suggestion.

maybe it is possible to make a sphere skybox and add sensor as “always” and an actuator ipo… where you rotate the sphere around… idk… my first post

You could have 2 skydomes. One with the main sky texture, the other with an alpha png of clouds. The cloud dome could be a little smaller and be rotating or moving…

The problem with the second, rotating cloud dome is that you can see it’s a sphere- when clouds move, they move along the same plane as the viewer, so they go from farther away (smaller, and slower moving) to closer up, to farther away again. If you rotate them around the viewer they stay the same distance and same speed at all points. They would look like something that sat in space while the earth rotated.

I too played with the idea of 2 domes but as Captain Oblivion mentions, there are those ‘limitations’. Are procedurals available in GLSL? Im assuming not?