Help regards edit mode history

This is not the way I wanted to start been a part of the forum but I’m so stuck. I’ve looked all over the web and just can’t find the answer so I’m hoping someone could help me please.

I have customised my interface and I’m hoping to keep it. Here’s my problem-

I loaded a default ‘uv sphere’ and in edit mode I clicked a few vertices, adjusted the number of vertical and horizontal loops and I can’t remember why but I saved over the default settings so that whenever I load the default primitive, ‘uv sphere’, it has the same amount of segments I added before, the axis is connected to the face and verts I last touched, and the axis (not the 3d cursor) is off centre of the object. Im aware blender semi shades your last vert or face you last touched so I want this rid off too, as saving over defaults has effected it I believe.

In object mode it’s all good but as soon as I’m in edit mode the problems are there. I would like to be able to load the primitive as it should be with its original factory settings. I know I can return blender to factory setting but I don’t want to do that and the ‘theme manager script’ to export my theme won’t work.

Im from a modo/lightwave background. i went photoshop concept art after i left my arch viz job and the possibilities within blender has opened up 3D once more for me. if someone could lend hand I’d be much appreciate it.

thanks dudes

Deleted everything and learnt my lesson. Faffing around with the interface made me forget what the defaults were. Problem solved.