help -> Render uv mapping through transparent objects in foreground?

I am modeling a cell phone for my animation class,
but before i get to the animation stage i want to make sure the cell phone looks good.

I have a transparent “glass” front to the phone, (touchscreen type). And behind that i have a UV Mapped texture on the touchscreen portion of the phone.

When i turn off the glass front and render just the touchscreen, it works perfectly, but even though the screen is supposed to be transparent - even if i turn transparency all the way up on the screen, it will not render the uv map through the screen.

Help? :frowning:

If you need to know settings or pictures of certain things i’m doing i will find them.

for the textured face under the glass ensure you have enabled ‘Receive Transparent’ in its Material / Shadows settings

thanks! that was driving me insane