Help- RenderLayers from other scenes don't always render

I’m having a compositing problem where some Render Layers from other scenes refuse to render on their own.

I can hit F12 and some Render Layers will render, while others do not- the Render Layer node just stays blank. If I manually hit the render button on that node however, the layer renders just fine :confused:. Last, when I render an animation with that forced render still in memory, it ignores that layer’s animation and uses that same image for all frames.

Any idea what’s going wrong? I’ve searched with no luck. Thanks

sounds like that node is not in the refresh list or lost its pointer somehow.

First, save that blend and submit it here for someone to confirm, and then we can submit it as a bug.

In a separate save as version, try re-adding the renderlayer node.

Thanks. Yeah, it does sound like a bug. Problem is, it’s a big project and when I simplify it enough to post a file, the problem goes away :rolleyes: I’ll keep trying to make an example file though.

I’ve also tried deleting all the Render Layer nodes and re-adding them, but that doesn’t work either.