Help replicating a logo's reflection using a sky texture

So right now, I am remaking the Roadshow Films logo in Blender 3.0 (Eevee) as an experiment making an animated reflection., and I got some good progress. I got the V’s animation down, and now the only thing I need to do is replicate the reflection in the original logo. I’ll worry about the animation later, but I just need help with getting the reflection right using a sky texture for more control. Here’s where I am now. Though I think the result on the left looks cool, it’s not what I’m looking for. Any tips to replicate it a bit better? I’m using Photoshop to make the sky texture based on the reflection of the logo. Right now, I only need the finished reflection. The animation of the reflection will come later.

My work on the left, ref on the right:

Let me know if you want the blend file. :wink:

I guess they done it with fake the reflection, i would try so too:

fake_reflection.blend (127.7 KB)