[Help request] Animated chain along curve separating the rings

Hello guys, here the problem:
I created a chain for a pendulum: using the array modifier and the curve modifier I could gladly achieve to represent the weight movement.

The problem is that I need to export it to fbx and unfortunately I just had bad results.
If I apply the array all the rings obviousely move united as a unique element.
I realized that I need to separate the chain rings and apply the locrotscale to the keyframe for each ring (290 rings!!!); another option may be to create a chain ring that follows the curve and the other rings that follow the first ring (like a train locomotive followed by wagons).
I have searched on internet but I could not find anyting so far, so if someone knows how to do it would be great!
I enclose the .blend file


chain.blend (455 KB)

still no answer? oh my! How troublesome!