Help Request Guidlines:

After the recent thread, I thought one like this would be in order.

If you are posting in the game engine forum for help, consider several things before you start:

  1. Do I have a solid game plan/idea written out?
  2. Is the blender game engine sufficient to my games needs?
  3. Do I have anything to show people to get them interested?
  4. Do I have the technical background to start such a project and continue to be a useful member?

If the answer to any of those is no, it would be wise to try and remedy that question before you post.

Extremely few people will be interested in working with you if you have nothing to show them, so try to post some screenshots, mockups, game outline or something. People will also not want to work with you if you don’t have a definate plan, coming and posting “I am going to make an ub er game and pawn halo!” (plus leetspeak… %| ) will not get you anywhere.

Umm, anyone want to add?


grimey matey

Sure, i’ll add in a older link of mine that I don’t think very many people saw

I hope you found it handy :wink:

cool, your addition is welcome, I don’t have time now, but should I edit it in?