Help Requested - Eyes And Teeth Going Haywire With Rigify Rig And MakeHuman Model

Hey everyone, hope all is going well for you!

I’ve fought through so many issues today that having this particular one doesn’t even begin to surprise me.

As you can see, using Rigify and a MakeHuman model, the eyes and teeth just say “whatever” to where they should be whenever the head and neck bones are rotated.
All I can really say is I need help, because this is beyond my level of expertise, so if anyone can assist, I would appreciate it greatly.
Also, here’s the blend if anyone feels like they need to have a poke around.

Thanks, and take care!

PS: I’m using a script to make Rigify more Unity-compatible. It can be found here in case anyone needs to look at it. Also if other details are needed, just let me know!


Well, to anyone that may see this, I found the solution thanks to Paul Gonet over at Blender Stack Exchange.
The link to the solution can be found here.

Just in case that site is down, however, the general idea is that my bone weights were incorrect in those areas, and also the sockets themselves that the eyes sit in needed a bit of work as well.

Take care!