Help required for new game project

As many of you know, I undoubtedly failed at my last attempt to make a big game. So this time, i went with something simpler. Still fun, but much more simple. The game is a fun little war game where you are different shapes and shoot little bullets at each other. In the regular game, you are the triangle (in which I have already embedded controls) The thing is, I can’t figure out how to program the enemies.
But I do know what I want them to do:

Walk around using a series of actions randomly to give the appearance of ‘randomness’.
If Triangle comes within “” ft. of it rotate until Triangle is directly on your ‘Y’ axis and shoot.
Repeat until dead or enemy defeated.
If enemy is defeated, loop back into previous state of randomness.

Controls for Triangle:

Arrow keys-move. Z and X- Strafe right and left. Space- Shoot. If you walk up to the Tank and press A, you will become the Tank. WARNING: Have not programmed how to get out of Tank yet.

Enjoy, and please help!-YA


GeometryWars.blend (202 KB)

its a good start but thers no game play

Wah? Oh! No, I’m still working on the characters before the gameplay part.

ok if you whant help just ask :wink:

Kudos to you for doing something actually tangible and not an mmo rpg. I wish you luck.

Thanks for the props, guys! And yes, I would like some help.

I’m new to python, so this is why I ask for help.

What do you need help with?

You have a gimbal lock going on since the strafe isn’t along the local axis- also, the camera doesn’t follow the player.

@CO I know- if the camera is parented to the triangle, when it gets in the tank, the game will crash.

@Minifig-look at the first post- I explained it in detail.

you want help with an ai?

If you parent the camera to an empty and then set the position of the empty to whichever object is currently being controlled, you can avoid the parent-crashing problem. There’s a reason I said “isn’t following”, not “isn’t parented to”.

The only thing I see you asking for in the first post is AI, and I can’t script. :frowning: