Help required from France...

Hi, I’m from France, and I’d like to ask you pay attention about what’s happening in our country these days. On Sunday, we had to vote to elect two candidates to be president of the country. Unfortunately, beetween the two chosen a VERY dangerous person was chosen, a faschist extremist that HAS to be stopped. There will be a second part of the elections in 2 weeks, and maybe he’ll be chosen again. This situation could lead us to a huge crisis. Before starting a physical fight if it’s needed, in order to stop him, I decided to express my feelings into a short movie, made with Blender and GIMP, to express how sad I am about what’s happening and what already happened when Hitler was elected. As an independant and free tool, I think that Blender is my best choice.
That is why I’ve given myself one Month to create a story, modeling, texturing, animating and editing my short movie, and I need your support.
Not your participation , it would take you too much time, but just help from the most experienced blender user to be kind enough to answer any technical problems I could encounter.
I count on your help, and I invite you to mail me at [email protected] to show me your support if you think you have some knowledge to share.
When the project will be finished, I’ll create a website, and I’ll try to distribute the short movie as much as possible, in every independant movie website I can, hoping it could give desire to people to follow this idea and produce some protestation stuff.
I’m not unique, I’m not a genius, I don’t feel superior, I’m just shocked about the political situation and how short could be the historical memory in our country.
Thanks for reading, and if you think you can give me some time, thanks for your support.
regards to all the community wich is still alive and inventive, congratulations to you all.

anyhting to stop facism

i have been watching the news, and you are right, he must be stopped.

I will help as best i cna

[email protected]