Help required with basis mesh to model deformations

Afternoon all,

New to blender so please excuse the ignorance.

Two problems that I cannot seem to evade.

  1. In the attached pic you will see that for some reason the mesh is not deforming as appropriate for the bottom legs? The deform has been enabled on all bones and the thighs, calf and foot bones have the appropriate Parent > Child relationships.

  2. Secondly you will see on the shoulder blades that the mesh is not bending in accordance with the bones structure? I have tried Weight painting this however, it only makes it worse (that is conforming the mesh to the bone)

Any assistance with these troubles will be greatly appreciated.



for the legs just check that the left leg is not influencing the right leg and vice versa

you can do this with weight painting or envelopes
but it is probably easier to do with vertex groups

the same thing is happening with the shoulders
it takes a bit of time to get it right