Help retopologize a shoe model for me please :)

I tried retopologizing but i just cant get the hang of it in any program. I want 3d coat (appears to be best) but right now dont have the money to buy it. Please anyone who know how to retopologize models, help me, i cant offer money but only credit for the retolopogizing. Please someone help.

Its not a regular shoe, it has an organic design to it, and not my design, and the picture reference are not too great, but the shoe is basically done. I just need it to be retoplogize for better flow, and maybe i can add more detail afterwards.

Thanks. Hope someone is up for the practice.

Use meshlab!!! It has been a GREAT tool for me. On my game, we had an animal that was 2,000,000 tri’s and the program brought it down to 10000 without a problem! :slight_smile: It’s free and easy to use. Try it out!