Help: Rigged Bone Rotates when the G button is pressed.

I have a character rigged, and was test-posing it, but when I pressed G to move the bone, it just rotated, and in the bar at the bottom of the 3D-View Window it said it was Rotating along the X axis, like if you had pressed R. Can someone help explain why it would be doing this, and get it to pose normally?

Need more info, preferably a blend, could be any number of things- did you lock the translation axes? are there constraints on it?

This happens on any bone that you cannot translate, but can still rotate instead. Such a situation arises whenever you’ve got a bone that:

  1. is connected to its parent - i.e. its head is the same as the tip of its parent, so you cannot translate the bone freely
    and/or 2) has translation locks applied - i.e. you’ve told Blender that the bone cannot be translated (to avoid breaking the rig)