Help Rigging a Lego Hand/Arm sensibly (IK/FK) is it possible?

Is it possible to do a lego minifig hand in a IK/FK Rig?

Obviously, a mini is a FK ‘thing’. The shoulder rotates in one plane and the wrist in another.
You have to break that to animate the thing, if only in a very small range.

The shoulder can become a ‘ball and socket’
The elbow can flex.
The wrist needs to rotate on the Y-axis.

You can orient the c-shaped hand in IK - holding onto something.
But you don’t want to counter-animate the whole arm as the body move.

I simply cannot work out a sensible bone structure?

(a) Do you treat the elbow as a wrist (with a tiny bit of un-natural flex in the forearm).
(b) Remodel with a ball joint at the wrist, with 360 rot on the Y-Axis).

I have tried both (and they don’t look so good). So, I am asking if there is another concept/idea.