Help rigging a mechanical finger please!

I’ve created a mechanical hand as a part of a cyborg and i’m having some issues with limiting the rotation axis (the fingers should only rotate along one because it’s a hinge joint). I have the bone in the distal phalange limited to all but one axis, but that axis doesn’t line up with the actual hinge of the object :frowning: I wouldn’t be struggling with this if all the objects etc were all neatly placed along the global axis, but because i built the objects around the armature instead of the other way round it’s become very tricky. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve tried to upload a .blend file but i keep getting an error, if anybody knows a way around that i’ll happily upload it. Here is a screenshot of the problem.

Nevermind it was an issue with the bones roll

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Please post saying current status, you can post blend files to in the blends section, then post the links here. The Mods will almost certainly look at the file before allowing the post, so some delay is inevitable.

There may be all sorts of errors, but I need to see the blend file to be sure. You can rotate a bone about its own axes rather than the Global axes, by keying R XX for example, which rotate the bone about its own X axis.

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