Help Rigging model

How’s it going folks?

I’m having major problems when it comes to rigging. Despite studying several youtube tutorials on the subject, my results have turned out horribly different than theirs. Below is a character from the MegaMan Legends series that I was working on for a small project.Her model is based on Studio Maya’s anime doll kit that I exported from poser but her clothes and hair was made by me. I used this tutorial to begin her rig.

In the screenshots below her rig appears to fine.

However, when I try to pose her these are my results.

I’m really at the end of chain with this problem and any advice would be great help.


Her feet are linked to her, uhh, (ha ha), instead of the lower legs. Select each foot bone and set the leg bone as the parent. No, I didn’t watch the tutorial, so I don’t get why the… bone is necessary. :confused:

Thanks, I’ll try it.

that looks like an insane amount of polys!:spin: