Help Scaling/Rotating Model

Would someone please take a look at this model and give me a clue as to how I can scale and rotate it? I downloaded it, and want to use “as is”, but when I try to rotate/scale, it seems that the lattices and other objects have independent axis, and I’m in over my head!

Thanks for any assistance!

you need to organize that scene… make all layers visible except layer one. select everything and delete it. then select all objects by type lamp. move that lamps to a new layer and name it lamps… than select all that planes and move them to a new layer and name that layer maybe reflection planes or whatever. then box select the model without that profile and not used parts and invert selection. delete that selection. greate a new emty at the center of world name it maybe mandoline and parent the model to that empty. now you can rotate the model with that empty and everything should be good.

Not even going to look at the blend but essentially: Create an empty parent everything relevant to the empty translate/rotate/scale the empty.

lol… it is as simple as that and I wrote a lot of stuff because i looked at this scene… ì`m out here.

Ah, the simplicity of knowledge…er, something like that. Seems easy if you know what you’re doing! Thanks Felix! And Piet, the “stuff” you wrote still helped, and I appreciate your response! Have a good one, guys!