Help, Sci-fi helmets

Hi!! People im kinda new in the world of modeling so please can u pass all the links that u can with tutos about making sci-fi helmets? please i really need this.

Did try to google it? Before asking here it usual a good practice to search and then as for help if you are into problem.
Here is a link it is a 5 part tutorial but it seems like the guys didn’t finish it so …

Hopefully your already know the interface of Blender and the basics of modeling.

This tut is pretty professional if you don’t mind paying a small amount.

the main thing you will need to know, imo, is the retopology ( retopo ) process. you can then construct your basic shapes from primitives, then retopo as needed. retopology is a way to make a new mesh on top of an old one/s in a very controlled fashion.