Help sculpt straight line

How do i sculpt a straight line, been looking for a while but no luck.

I have bugged the developers to put a line tool in the paint tools and sculpt tools, for a long time, but nobody seems interested. Hopefully one of the coders will have a need for such at some point, and code it in. Eventually I will go bug them again.
(edit) I think the biggest use for a line tool would be in texture paint mode in the 3D and UV windows.

can you add a plane and remove one side = one line

hope they get a line too !

A “line” tool in sculpt mode would be very usefull in some instances (especially when you don’t use a tablet as drawing straight line with a mouse is not really easy.)

I think he means with the sculpt tools.

eveywhere would be nice
even for curve or paint mesh ect…

i mean a line is missing
end of the line !LOL

guess i’ll just use a workaround, thanks all. (drawing a straight line with a mouse can be a bitch)

Could you possibly make an alpha brush with the image editor outside, then use it as a sculpt texture brush set to the scale you need to draw the line? I think the sculpt still allows you to rotate the brush to the orientation you want…

You could make a line object and use it with proportional editing to get a line sculpting tool-like effect.

true but he might be using a multires modifier, in which case that wouldn’t work.

modron ur right, it doesn’t come out right using proportional editing and multi-res. have anyone tried sculptris? can sculptris get it done?

I’ve implemented this using a python script as part of a bigger add-on. I’ll probably release it in a few weeks.

Thank you, Crouch! Your add ons are very useful to the community :slight_smile:

thanks crouch, you da man!

dat sounds great, thanks Crouch. looking forward to it

Any word on this? A straight line sculpt tool in multires? I really need it. It could very well fit as a new option in the “Stroke Method” in Sculpt Mode.