HELP!!!!! SDL library BGE error

I installed the .NET framework, and after that, whenever I play my game in blender ( I started the BGE with the default cube, but it worked ), I get a loop with this error:

The procedure entry point SDL_Errorr could not be located in the dynamic link library SDL.dll.

I have to kill the application after that. Because the message appears over and over again… A loop.

Maybe some problems with python scripts? I don’t know, I tried with older versions of my game, the same thing. Just after installing the Moco$oft Window$ .NET Framewok.
Do I have to uninstall it?


EDIT: I can play my game with blenderplayer

Try reinstalling blender… it can’t hurt.

Thanks, I’ll try it.

I think I know what it is. The pygame sound files. When I open the blend file in its directory, it runs. Thank you though.