Help selecting Hardware for new build

OK …I’m not sure this is where this post belong …but a search of similar topics showed that this is where people are placing these posts.
I am building a machine (I’ve done this several times before) I am sure it will be a PC (not MAC) and I will be running Linux OS.
I keep going back-and-forth regarding the CPU to buy …the contest lies between AMD 9850 and Intels Q6600. Ofcourse I am on a budget …and my research shows that AMD out performs the Intel for 3D applications when both are used at their native settings. Its only when the Intels are overclocked that their CPU start outperforming the AMD… thats what my research tells me. And the Q6600 are better suited for overclocking than the AMD 9850. I’m not an overclocker …because most articles I read tells me OC can result in instability issues …and for sure will ramp up the heat load on the CPU and shorten its life.
Finally regarding the CPU’s …for blender …should I re-consider getting the top line dual-core Intel CPU the 3.0GHZ E8400…which I’ve read outperforms the Quads because of its high clock speed.
I heard both CPUs had issues with their earliest release …and some retailers are still stocking these defective products. I plan to either buy my CPU from Newegg, who moves products fast and less proned to have the old versions …or from my local Microcenter where I can see what I’m buying.

Can somebody recommed a decent GPU …my limit is in the $80-$90 range …I think I’ve ruled out ATI cards and will prefer the NVIDIA’s. My reserach says to get one based on the PCI expres 2.0 x16 …GDDR3 . Ofcourse this can be a slippery slope …because much of this is writtem with gamers in mind …I’m not a gamer. Blender will be the focus of this machine and if the card is a GDRR2 from the older generation and perform adequately …I would be satisfied.
However …I try to buy the motherboard that will facilitate todays latest technology …so for the AMD I selected a board based on teh 790 chipset and for the intel I’d get one based on teh X84 chipset.