Help-Selecting in Blender

Ok so the title is worded a bit weird. My issue isn’t really with selecting. First the back story, I’ve been using blender for about 3 months so I’m no expert but I do know my way around. With limit selection to visible turned on I experience something very wierd (also works-or doesn’t, with this turned off). When I attempt to select an edge, vertice or face some of the time it works and selects without a problem, but the other times I right click an edge, face or vertice and an edge on the other end of the model is selected. This is not to be confused as an edge on the other side of the model…say I’m making a helicopter and looking at it from the side (this is actually the case) I’ll select an edge, face or vertice on the nose of it, and one on the tail or one on a propelor will be selected instead.

This just started happening today, before it worked perfectly. Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this? Oh yeah…I did remove doubles and that still doesn’t change anything. This was all I could really think of doing, and it seems noone on the entire internet has had this issue so I figured I’d stop here. Thanks for any and all help

On the 3D View menu bar in edit mode find the buttons that let you select between vertex, edge, and face select mode. The last button is a little cube. Click it.

Hope this helps.

yeah thats the limit visible selection to visible button and no, this happens when its on or off.

Heh, it sounds like I didn’t read carefully enough. You’ve got a really odd problem I’ve never encountered before. Are you using an experimental or other non-release version of blender?

Possibly your mesh has been corrupted. Try clicking the XSort button and see what happens…

Another possibility is that your OpenGL driver is corrupted.

I think there is an option in the preferences to select back faces.

Also if you are in wire frame mode it will select anything under your mouse rather than the ones facing the camera, try switching your 3d view port to solid or textured view and see if it still gives you problems .

Mmph this is not a problem with selecting things UNDER the cmouse/curser. This is an issue where the edge/face/vertice that I’m trying to select isn’t selected, but rather on no where near the curser is selected. To give another example if I’m looking at the front view of a human model and I try selecting a vertice/edge/face on the foot, a face/vertice/edge of the ear will be selected instead. It may be important to note that this doesn’t seem random. Selecting the same edge/face/vertice that causes the issue will always select the same (wrong) vertice/face/edge.
Duos, I will definetely try checking out the OpenGL as that makes pretty good sense, I’ve been forcing a version of OpenGL to run on my video card just so I can play a game…perhaps I’ll go back to default lol.

Also, something else that may help solve this issue (if it isn’t OpenGL) would be to note that when I open a menu in the 3d view, when the menu closes there will be a black box in the shape of that menu and any edge that’s inside of this black box turns red. This black box and the red edge’s go away when I change to another view (ie side/front/top)

Just a bit wierd. Prior to making any changes after reading Duos’ reply, I opened blender just to make a “control case”/ensure it was still happening and I could tell the difference if it was resolved. I’ve found I can no longer mimick this issue. So I’m guessing that it is resolved…I just wish I knew how, that way if it happens again I could fix it that much faster and so I could share the resolution here so that if anyone else is/was having this issue I could help them remedy it.

Thanks for the input guys! Trust me, if it happens again I will be looking for an answer lol!

sorry about that, I mis read your post.

Has anyone else encountered this? IT is happening to me as well. It does it in windows, but not linux in the same file…

This was happening to me when I loaded Blender on my Vista OS laptop. The laptop is now happily running Sabayon Linux and the problem has gone away. I suspect you may have a graphics driver problem. Try getting the latest updated driver from whoever made your graphics card.

I’m using Blender in Ubuntu.
This same thing has happened to me, but now it quit and switched to selecting nothing at all.
When the ‘Limit select to visible’ button is on nothing can be selected. No vertices, lines, or faces.
This is in edit mode with solid draw type.