Help selecting objects for a nooblie!

Howdy guys, Just a quick question and its been stumping me all day. I am sure its easy.

Ok so I am at the stage where I can mess around with a few meshes, I understand, vertices, edges and faces well.


I can’t seem to get the grasp of selecting different object and meshes. I can find any basic tute on this so here goes.

I start with a new image. One cube and one cube only. I can subdivide and change the position of faces, edges and vertices. No probs.

If I am in object mode and add a new cube, then I cant figure out how o get back to editing the original cube.

I ran into the problem when trying to make a plane with some extruded text comeing out of it. All good, converted the text to a mesh but then I couldn’t figure out how to get back to edit the mesh for the flat plane that I made.

Can someone giv eme a few pointers when dealing with object, layers, object names. And being able to swap between what you can/can’t edit?

You select other object(s) while in Object mode either with :

  • RMB clicked on the object

  • “B”(ox) selecting them

  • press ‘A’ to select / deselect all/none

  • use the Outliner view window, - in “Outliner” mode (view menu), you actually select items in the list with LMB, while in OOPs (schematic) view, you select with RMB

  • There are other options in the Select menu in the 3d header.


Thankyou! Thankyou. I cant belive it was that simple…RMB…frack it. I have been busting trying everything to figure it out.

You can change the select to LMB in the View&Controls User preferences. (“Select with”) To get at the preferences, either drag down the top border of the window, or change your 3d window temporarily to a User preferences window.