Help separating objects please

Hey, I would like to separate all linked meshes (the ones you select with CTRL + L) on a model I have, there´s a lot of them so i can´t do it by hand without taking an eternity or so, if you could help me I would be totally grateful :slight_smile:

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P -> loose parts. Also available in object mode, just have to search for separate

Yeah, i know how to do it, the thing is that I have like 500 linked objects in my model so I want to separate every single one so i can modify them individually, so I was hopping there was a script or something like that to do so.

Sounds like a job for a coder to write a little phyton addon that does the steps automatically with every object. At the moment i cant help you there but maybe someone else.

So could you help me at all?

Not at the moment sry. The blender code is not well known to me thats why i said maybe someone else could do a simple script for you.

But why do you need them all seperated? Maybe there is another way?

Oh, my bad, I tought you mean you were at work or something like that.

So I have this model, and I want to delete all detailed parts of the mesh and just wanna leave the most simple parts so I can decimate them and make hair cards out of them.

In Blender 2.79 is it not just U>Make Single User>Object and Data?

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Yeah, and it’s the same in 2.8. Just doesn’t have shortcut by default.


When i do that nothing happens, if it´s not clear, what I want to do is to make all linked objects in the scene into individual ones.

That command should do exactly that. You can even see that in @Way’s screenshot where it informs him it is going to “make linked data local to each object”. Which means that before he ran it editing one Suzanne would change all the monkey heads. After making the data local each monkey head is individual and editing one has no effect on the others.

When you initially did Ctrl+L what did you tell it to link? If it was Object Data then unlinking that should work.

If you need to select all linked - select one, press Shift+L > Object data. Then U (it will open “make single user” operator) > Object & data.
Then if you’re using 2.79 open T panel and look at the bottom for settings to adjust the last operation or press F6.

If you’re using 2.8 it should give you this 8

The problem is this, I merged all the objects into a single one, So I guess i´ll need to do it by hand then

If they are merged into one object it’s a totally different thing. Select all. P>Separate>By Loose Parts.

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Enter edit mode - press “P” > “By loose Parts” it will separate any disconnected geometry in it’s own object.

Yeah, i´ll have to do it strip by strip, lmao…

How will you have to do it strip by strip? You said they are all merged into one object.

  1. Enter edit mode
  2. A to select all
  3. P to separate by loose parts.
  4. Done.
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I meant that all the strips are merged into one single object so if I want to select a strip I have to select a vert of it and CTRL + L, then P to separate it by loose parts.

No, loose parts option will separate ALL disconnected geometry from you mesh into their own objects. You don’t even need to select anything. Just press P and loose parts.

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OMG, I´m such a fool, thanks to all of you :smiley: