Help setting up a camera for recreating a shot

I’m attempting to recreate this painting in 3D using Blender. Modeling isn’t really a problem, but what I am having trouble with is setting up the camera. Setting the Focal length in particular is a challenge. I’ve been able to ballpark it in the past and get pretty close, but this one is tricky. I have no way of finding the focal length of an image, anybody got any ideas?


I hope you can fix the camera easily. i can find characters in this image if i take that as reference i can easily figure out. Normal human height will be around 5.8-6 feet. lemme take it as 6 feet, so the propeller will comes around 54-60 feet lemme fix it with 66 roughly just try to block the propeller model and fix the camera angle… try with this hope it may help you…


I make it about 41mm:

With the aid of my camera matching script, naturally :).

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screw.blend (567 KB)

Thanks McCollet! I’m going to use that script in the future, thanks a ton!

There’s also this tool: