Help: simple question about animation viewports

When you enter the animation, it gives you two screens. I only wanted one screen, the one that’s on the right (idk what they are called), but I accidentally collapsed the screen into the left one. I’ll attach a picture of what my screen looks like now. I want the animation screen with the grid. I feel stupid, but I’ve never used animation before and I can’t figure it out.

Click the little icon on the upper right that has a transparent circle in front of a solid one. If you still don’t see the grid, click the down arrow next to it and tick the Grid and/or Floor on.

I got the grid back, but is there a way to make it so I can see multiple objects? I can only see the object I have selected and in the tutorial I was watching I could see multiple objects in the animation tab.

You might be in Local view. Press / on the numeric keypad.

Is there a way to just reset the view so it’s back to the split screen?

Go to the upper right corner of the 3d view, and drag it out to the left, similar to how you originally collapsed it, or go up top to the workspace tabs, press the + and add in a new animation workspace, and it’ll make one with the default setup.

That did it. Thanks!

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