Help! Sizing texture?!

Hi all,

atm i am doing this tutorial ( on how to model a kitchen. i am stucked at the texturing section. in the tutorial there is explained i shall go to materials -> add new material. then i shall go apply a texture on this material (e.g. the floor). i chose a wood texture for the floor (this one -> but i am not happy with the test rendered image because the wood pieces are too big.
here is my test render image:
(here is the same image in higher resolution if the one above is too small:

i compared my render with them of other users who created this kitchen.
then i found this image and i liked the floor of it because its not that big. it looks more realistic. i don´t think that there is a tree with this large pattern like on my floor :smiley:
this is the “good” floor image

hope you know what i mean :slight_smile:

pls help me! :frowning:

(pls ignore the other textures i am experimenting with some textures^^)

just change the scale in map in panel
like size x or size Y and see results

good luck

yes it works :smiley:
thanks for help