HELP! Skinning problem...

Hey guys, I am extremely new to Blender, and I have a school project that
includes rigging and skinning a character. I created an IK rig, (sort of), and
automatically added weights when I attached it to my mesh. Now, though, when I
move my rig, the mesh moves properly but the clothes move slowly, making his
clothes come off…
Note that since I made my character out of multiple
meshes, before I attached my rig I had to join all the meshes (including the
clothes) together using ctrl J… could this be the problem??

This is
how it normally looks…

This is the moved arms…

And this is the moved


You’ve come across quite a common issue whenever I do characters, basically the weights of the vertices in the clothes aren’t the same as the base skin mesh, you can either go into weight paint mode (ctrl+tab) and see what you can do there, or try using a mesh deform modifier, which looking at your mesh, might work perfectly. I’ve got a video on my channel about the mesh deform modifier if it’s of any use to you.
But anyway hope I’ve helped :slight_smile: