HELP - solid transparent plastic material

Hey blender artists,

I’m new to blender and trying to model a network plug (hope this is the right translation) and the surrounding plastic is making me mad.
At every surface the interior cables and contacts are mirrored and distorted which looks very weird and unrealistic. How can I get rid of this?

The material settings:

  • color white and transparent
  • RayMirror
    • RayMir 0.2
    • Depth 3
    • Fresnel 1.4
    • Fac 1.4
  • RayTransp
  • Filt 0.00
  • IOR 1.4
  • Depth 2
  • Limit 100
  • Falloff 1
  • Fresnel 0
  • Fac 1.4
  • SpecTra 0.8

Any ideas? I’d be grateful for every tip…

Oh and excuse my English if I misapplied words, I’m a bit out of exercise and needed the dictionary, but I’m confident you should know what I mean…

could you post a test render so we can see what it looks like?
i suspect you need to “add volume” to the plug to remove the distortion.


See, what I mean? Like a magnifier… and the shadows are way too hard. Also there is no specular light at all.


Well I still can’t make it solid. Blender still “thinks”, it is hollow. So it reflects the cables from the inside and distorts them at the faces, because they seem to be behind the transparent plane. Or am I wrong? Nevertheless, my original doesn’t.
Maybe I’m supposed to use a different technique? This environment and reflection map thing?
Where do I need to place the empty then?

Please help!

Are you using a simple cube? If so try ‘solidify selection’ in the Mesh => Scripts menu. If that doesn’t improve things, post a .blend.

Lower IOR almost all the way (or completely all the way), increase the depths, and add a lamp or two. I believe this should solve your problem.