[Help] Some of our 2.46 Files with linked libraries crash with 2.47 and 2.48

Some of the files on our SVN created with 2.46 are incompatible with the sucessor versions of Blender.
Anyone ran into this or has a quick fix?
The graphics department started the renderscript today to redeploy some graphics and we changed to 2.48. And the script returned errors on several files which i remember where created with 2.46, so i investigated.
Opening the files in 2.47 or 2.48 results in a crash.
If i open them up in 2.46, remove the linked in lighting setup and material lib, resave it and then try to open with 2.46+ it works.
Also opening a plain file in 2.47 and 2.48 and then importing the scene form the 2.46 file works…
However i was wondering if there is a quick fix or a workaround and if this is just a glitch rather than a major bug.
This would mean overhaul dozends of files.

Thanks for any info.

No one got even a clue ? ^^

As discussed with my boss, this also throws up another major issue…
Integration of blender in a Company. I am well aware of the licensing and structure of the Blender foundation and that it comes with neither support nor guarantees ^^. Nevertheless its quite a Problem.

We still work on the same Project.
2.47 was a bugfix release, 2.48 comes along with nice features you might want to use.
Now you can´t open your files with 2.48 anymore you produced in the beginning of the project. Sure you could re-import and merge all the files to make working 2.48 files. But this get´s quite expensive… Yeah i know on the other hand blender is free… still, i think this might be a bit of a problem too in integratind blender in professional production pipelines, unless you stick with one version.