Help! Some sick Game engine iProblem! please help!

Yeah, so me and another guy are making this 2d game in blender, And now Im making a prototype of it, How the levels would be and how the character would move.

I remember that I made some simpel games with blender 2.48. But I forgot, so I went searching around youtube to find a good tutorial, which would give me the basics of character moving etc. So here is the issue the tutorial says for the objct to move, You have to press, first action then Dynamic then Riggid body.

My Blender has a list where it first says static, and on the right side action. If you press the Static button it shows up a list where it saysOccluder, No collision, snsor, static (again ) dynamic, rigid body and soft body…

So why does the tutorials show up in one way, and my blender in other way? I mean, as far as I know they are the same version :S

Ive posted 2 pictures, the first with the youtube version and the second with my version.!

Please help because I really want to continue on this project =(



That was recorded with an older version apparently, but the main character should be dynamic.

SO what does that mean? how do I move the character then :S should I open the list and press dynamic and then Action or have you got any better ideas… Please Im colpmetely lost… And these models cant go to waste


Here’s an example of walking using servos.


walking.blend (155 KB)

Yess !!! thanks for your help!!! Any hints on how to make the camera follow the mesh?

select the camera, then select the player, then press ctrl + p.