HELP,someone pleas help

(textbookares) #1

blender is acting weird and its driving me nuts. every time i click on the camera or the light source its seas " blender.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" and then asks if i won’t to send a error report. also when i click on a armature (im trying to do some animation) and it dose the same thing. Can someone pleas help? :frowning:

ooo and alos the basic shading in edit mode is kinda off(don’t remember what its cald) .

(DwarvenFury) #2

What are your system specs, like OS, RAM, graphics card, etc.?


(z3r0 d) #3

the magical answer is to REPLACE YOUR VIDEO CARD


you could also try 16 bit color mode, with updated drivers
[integrated sis and intel chipsets have these problems and others [which you are not likely to notice]. A better video card [even a geforce 2mx] will not have these problems and will run much better with fewer graphical issues]