[HELP] Something is wrong with sizes or i'm just stupid

Hello guys I made account only for this problem, I am a newbie in blender and I am having this problem, just look at the screenshot and You’ll understand, maybe i’m just doing something wrong. Thank You for help :smiley:


Select both islands and use Ctrl+A in the UV editor window


If the object has unapplied and non-uniform scale, that can affect the unwrap result. Object mode, ctrl+A -> scale to apply.

I’ve done that already :smiley: scales is 1x1x1

Okay I fixed it, thanks for help everyone, I had to add some lines(edges).

I’m not stupid, something is really wrong, explain this please: http://puu.sh/j2XtU/28bdcc2207.png

Okay everything is fixed, had to change from “Angle based” to “Conformal”